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19.02.2006 Darda King Mfalme  
Darda King - Nimekubalika

Listen to songs from the album Nimekubalika by Darda King aka Mfalme on the official website:

Link Darda King

16.02.2006 Bongo flava nights postponed !  

The Ray C and TID concerts have been postponed. The following is a message from the organizer:

"Due to unexpected problems, the concert in Berlin has been postponed till a later date (AT LEAST 4 WEEKS). Please keep in touch with the numbers on the flyers. There will still be a bongo-flava party at the same time and venue in Berlin. With dancers, hip-hop and r n b artists from Europe with African roots. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. ANYONE WHO ATTENDS THE BONGO FLAVA PARTY IN BERLIN ON THE 17/02/06 (at €5 Entrance) WILL BE GUARANTEED FREE ENTRANCE FOR THE RAY C & TID CONCERT IN BERLIN (at a later date).......This will only be possible if you allow us to keep your personal data which will be treated with confidentiality (and by you signing an agreement).

The SHOW IN AMSTERDAM on the 24/02/06 HAS ALSO BEEN POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE. Please keep in touch with the numbers on the Flyers!!! REMEMBER - They can break us, but they can't stop us. Umoja ni Nguvu, utengano ni udhaifu!!"

DeFunKadelic Entertainment

12.02.2006 Bongo flava night in Amsterdam !  

Flyer front Flyer back

Concert postponed! See entry of 19.03.2006 for details.

24.02.2006 in Amsterdam
check the flyer for details

brought to you by DeFunKadelic

12.02.2006 Bongo flava night in Berlin !  

Flyer front Flyer back

Concert postponed! See entry of 19.03.2006 for details.

17.02.2006 in Berlin
check the flyer for details

brought to you by DeFunKadelic


10.06.2005 Another new album!  

Daz Baba - Elimu Dunia

Yet a new album: Safari from Ferooz, listen to the following to tracks on

mp3 Starehe (feat. Prof. Jay)
mp3 Jahazi (feat. Daz Nundaz, Carolla & Josephine)

08.06.2005 New album out!  

Daz Baba - Elimu Dunia

Although I said that I won't be updating this site anymore, here's something new:

The new album Elimu Dunia from Daz Baba with 4 brand new tracks to listen to:

mp3 Namba Nane (feat. Fid Q)
mp3 Elimu Dunia (feat. Ferooz & Afande Sele)
mp3 Usihukumu
mp3 Raia

Watch this space for a video clip coming soon!


07.06.2005 Bongo Flava Remixed  

Funkdisaster - Unachofeel

GM Records of Arusha together with Funkdisater in England have produced a series of Bongo Flava remixes on the album Unachofeel. Listen to them all on Funkdisaster's website:

Link Funkdisaster @ SoundClick

21.03.2005 Important message to all visitors  

well ok, some updating is going on...

This site is currently NOT being updated!

In the meantime, I will leave the site as it is. If you are sick of hearing the same songs, go to another site (look for music sites in the bongo section) but make sure to keep checking back to see when the NEW is reveiled. Of course you can also subscribe to the MziboLetter in order to be informed.

See you soon with the NEW MZIBO.NET !!!

09.07.2004 The hottest bongoflava single in Dar  

"Mikasi" courtesy of a teamwork of Bongo Flava maestros Mangwair (aka Mzee wa Mikasi, aka Mzee wa Nyasi), John Walker, Mchizi Mox (Mzee wa mambo vipi), P Funky (Majani) plus the rising underground Raha P.

mp3 Listen to Mangwair featuring Mchizi Mox & Ferooz & Rah P - Mikasi

lyrics Read the lyrics

26.05.2004 New artist on Blackrose  

Blackrose View artist info

mp3 Listen to 'Sijui Niseme'

lyrics Read the lyrics

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